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Sunday, March 7, 2010


Almost a thousand people visited my the forum and saw master-class how to make a mouse. And no one left any comment.

Is it good/no good, what should I improve, Has anyone tried to make this mouse?

So I wonder, should I do more master-classes like this one or not.


  1. It was a VERY cute mouse!
    Have no idea how to leave a comment in such a forum, though :(
    Do not allow absence of comments to let you down!
    You are doing great job, just keep creating!

    Take care,

  2. I am so sorry no one left a comment! I actually made the mouse and it came out VERY cute!!! Thank you so much for the free pattern! I surely will make another one or even more!!! Your instructions have been very easy to follow!

  3. Yael, Thank you for such kind words (ca I see your mouse?)

  4. Marina, only now I saw your response, so sorry!
    Here you can see the mice I made!
    Dash, Yael.



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