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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

So many plans, so little time...

What a good looking guy, doesn't it?

After I will finish patterns for Rupert the Crab and for Bob the naked turtle, I will definitely make a crocheted Bender. One little one (approximately 10 cm tall) and the other the big one - like 40 cm, with the with a wire skeleton both moving hands and feet.

Also I'm planning to make a crocheted "Mysterious tree"", also 30-40 cm tall…
And the seahorse, and the cat and the dog and the cute bunny and the…
Also, I need to prepare crocheted earrings, beaded crochet bracelets (for existing beaded crochet necklaces), and regular beaded earrings.
And , of course, there are cooking, cleaning, two little girls and the day job.
Oh, so many ideas, so little time…

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