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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Please, Help us!

Dear friends, I ask you to help.

This is my nephew Itai Levy, son of my brother-in-low.

Itai and his twin brother Yuval were born prematurely, after 26 weeks of pregnancy (six months). One of them weighed 700 grams, and the second - 800. It is even smaller than sugar sachets!
At the time they were born they haven't developed lungs yet and they were unable to breathe by themselves.

After six months in pediatric intensive care unit Yuval died, and Itai managed to survive. He is now two years and eight months old and during this time he went through countless procedures and operations.

He is a wonderful kid, but, unfortunately, Itai cannot breathe by himself. In order to be able to live, an artificial pipe was placed in his throat which is called "Trachea." Because of it Itai cannot eat or talk, or go to the kindergarten, or play with other children. During the last holiday of Pesach (Passover), he accidentally pulled out this pipe and almost died. That's why he needs to be constantly, 24 hours a day, with adults who can perform resuscitation. Itai does not eat solid food or speak properly.

He is a wonderful, happy and inquisitive child, and a best friend of my youngest daughter.

There is an operation that could help him, but it costs about 200 thousand dollars and takes place only in Cincinnati, US. Even if Itai's parents will sell their apartment, we will not have enough money for the operation and hospitalization in the hospital (after this operation, Itai must be under anesthesia for almost three weeks).

You can donate via PayPal .
If you can help financially, please, repost this message in your blogs and ask your friends to spread it on.

Please help us! Help Itai breathe!
Thank you in advance for any help!
This is Itai's site:
Itai's Facebook:


  1. Это ужасно! Бедный малыш! Отправила сколько пока могу. Мы тоже после рождения прошли через реанимацию детской больницы. Знаю, что такое не по наслышке. Буду отправлять по мере возможности еще. Здоровья малышу!

  2. Dear Marina, I did forward this post and all the links to everyone I know. I hope that this little boy can be helped and that people open their heart and their wallet for him!
    All the best to him and his parents! Yael.

  3. snivli, Yael, Thank you very much!

  4. Marina, I have a suggestion. Etsy beadweavers could donate handmade items to be sold if someone can set up a site or something similar. Cash is sometimes short in this economy.

  5. I posted this on facebook and hope your family will be able to reach the amount required to change you precious nephew's life!



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