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Monday, November 1, 2010

Gamer - the movie review

So, I'm sick again.

I decided to see the "Gamer" movie - of course, because of Dexter. I mean because of Michael C. Hall.

The movie and especially the end of it make me laugh, really laugh.

In russian fandom (fantasy/sci-fi fans society) we have a really well-known character, named "Чорный Властелин", it means "The Dark Lord". This character is the quintessence of all main anti-heroes, a common collective image of all clichés.
Like Dr. Evil or Spector main guy etc'

Why do I talk about this? Because, according to common cliché, during the Last Epic Battle the Main Hero, The Good Guy will be surely defeated. And then The Dark Lord, instead of kill The Good Guy, just begins to explain how and why he won it and what comes next. Of course, while The Dark Lord so passionate talking about it, The Good Guy gathers his forces and kills The Dark Lord.
This scenario has its own chapter in humoristic "Manual for The Dark Lord": Just kill the good guy!"

(if you want shoot-shoot, don't talk! © the Ugly)

And in this movie, Gamer, it's ends exactly according to the Dark Lord's script.

The best moment in the movie is, of course, the Ken Castle's song and the dance.

Interestingly, is he singing by himself?
I hope that the actor will not perform only the role of evil heroes in the future.

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