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Monday, October 15, 2012

Finding of the week - Forked Up Art

What do you think when you see those items?
It looks like an ordinary cutlery set, doesn't it?
But when Judson Jennings is looking on this stuff, he is seeing completely different things:
A busines card holder.
An iphone stand:
A fishman :
The dude-in-love:

And a lot of other fun and cool things.
Judson is an owner of "Forked Up Art" workshop. According to his info, he is welding since he was 16 year old.
I love Judson's imagination and his ability to see magic in the ordinary things around us.

You can see more Judson's creations on his site: and on the Etsy store

If you see a piece that will make you laugh with delight or just amaze you, post here the link to it and every week I will choose someone to publish in a blog. 

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