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Monday, October 8, 2012

Finding of the week - Su Ami


It is a great time to renew my weekly rubric : "Finding of the week"

From time to time on Etsy or other handmade resources, I see very special and not trivial items.
Some of them are very delusional; some of them are very unique and amusing.

I decided that I'll dedicate one post for those special items.
This week I chose the creations of Su Ami:

Su Ami is a family of 5 Vietnamese miniature crochet artists. Together they a creating colorful, joyful and completely cute tiny crocheted animals.
I'm crocheting for many years, but even I was completely amazed (and melted) when I've saw those creations!

Look how tiny but professionally crocheted it is!
Truly amazing!

You can see more of those wonderful creations on Su Ami Etsy shop or on their blog

If you see a piece that will make you laugh with delight or just amaze you, post here the link to it and every week I will choose someone to publish in a blog. 

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